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Thursday, May 12

9:00am PDT

Flaky Tests and Bugs in Apache Softwares (e.g. Hadoop) - Akihiro Suda, NTT Corp.
Apache softwares are well tested.
Each of them has as many LOC of xUnit test codes as production codes, and the test codes are run frequently on Apache Buildbot.

However, unfortunately these xUnit tests tend to be "flaky". i.e. they can fail non-deterministically.
Even when tests are flaky on Buildbot, it is hard to debug for developers because failure cannot be reproduced by just running tests repeatedly.
So flaky tests can be a very troublesome threat for quality assuarance of Apache softwares.

In this presentation, Akihiro Suda will show the "flakiness" of several Apache softwares (e.g. Hadoop), and discuss why they are so flaky.

Additionally, he will also introduce his open-source debugging tool, named "Earthquake".
This tool can easily reproduce failures of flaky tests by increasing the non-deternimism of the thread scheduling for unmodified xUnit tests.

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Akihiro Suda

Software Engineer, NTT
Akihiro Suda is a software engineer at NTT Corporation, a Japan-based telecommunication company. He has been a core maintainer of Moby (former Docker Engine) since November 2016. He has been also a maintainer of several opensource container software such as Moby, BuildKit, containerd... Read More →

Thursday May 12, 2016 9:00am - 9:50am PDT
Regency C

10:00am PDT

Resurrecting FORTH - Niclas Hedhman, Morgan Stanley
In 1980 , BYTE Magazine dedicated an entire issue to the FORTH programming language. It is arguably the simplest and smallest language ever developed, but its postfix notation and alienation with disk operating systems made FORTH fade into the dusty shelves of history.
Today, FORTH has some uses at NASA, but is otherwise only a teaching tool for how a programming language can be built with extremely little CPU resources.
Internet of Things (IoT) are pushing the limits in the small. There are now $1 microcontrollers with WiFi built-in, that has not more memory than a computer from 1980. Of course C is used to program such devices, but FORTH not only allows for as small as, or even smaller, codebase but it gives you a REPL environment, to quickly explore the microcontroller and get rid of compile cycles.
We will look closer at FORTH, and a small IoT application will be demoed as well.


Niclas Hedhman

Software Engineer, Morgan Stanley
32 years as professional software engineer, from 192 bytes RAM microcontrollers to 100GB enterprise servers, from design of electronics boards to architecting datacenter setup, from assembler to Forth to EXOL to C to Java to Erlang, across plethora of industries. Seen it all, done... Read More →

Thursday May 12, 2016 10:00am - 10:50am PDT
Regency C